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From the Heart – Karen Knowles

From the Heart – Karen Knowles

Best-known for her roles in Young Talent Time and as lead singer with The Seekers in the early 1990s, Karen Knowles is one of Australia’s favourite singers.

The gold and platinum award winner, brings her latest show, From the Heart to Karralyka. Accompanied by Musical Director David Cameron on piano, Karen will perform some of her best-known hits including Why Won’t You Explain, You are the Reason, La Vie en Rose, Amazing Grace and Moonglow, as well as some new hits from her latest album Solid Ground which she released this year.

Toe Tapping Tuesday Shows at the Karralyka start at 10.30 am and they are preceded at 9.30 am by a sumptuous morning tea which is included in the cost.

Cost is $21.50   The number of bookings is limited to 8.  Final Payment Date is 3rd August (August meeting).

NOTE:  Our bookings for this event are wait-listed so we cannot at this stage guarantee them. However, since the event is effectively sold out this is your best chance of getting a ticket. In the event that our tickets do not come through any money, you have paid, will be fully refunded.

You can book by completing the form below (or at a meeting but online bookings will be given priority.

Bookings may be CANCELLED prior to 3rd August 2020 by phoning Peter Feeney or by emailing bookings@maroondahnationalseniors.org.au 

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